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Photo sharing. Live curating. Simple.

capsule is like a canvas for your most precious photos — with a twist. A capsule has 36 slots only and a closing date. That urges you and your friends to put some more love into your photos while taking them.

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Our problem: A never-ending stream of content.

Today, all of us are confronted with content overload – making it very hard to keep our most precious memories as a whole. Back in the day, we had one film – with 36 pictures only. And we kept them. Forever.


05.06.17 - 21.06.17


10.03.18 - 12.03.18


02.02.17 - 06.05.17

Stag Night

06.05.16 - 10.05.16


04.12.17 - 22.04.18


02.03.18 - 14.04.18


18.06.17 - 24.06.17


19.04.17 - 02.07.17


23.02.15 - 31.12.16

How it works

The last road trip with your friends? Granny's birthday disaster? Your festival summer? Easily capture and share your best memories with capsule.

Create a capsule

You open a capsule: it has 36 slots.
Remember? It's like an old camera film! And you choose how long the capsule remains open.

Invite your friends

You invite people into the capsule. Finally a simple way to share pictures with friends and family!

Fill the capsule

You and your friends put photos into the capsule. Together, you select the best ones by voting for them.


The capsule closes and the group's final selection is revealed. It's the essence of your common experience! How awesome is that?!

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